The heart of Drew Tillman's music is rooted in the blues. Originally from Pittsburgh, Drew moved to Florida and has established himself as a professional singer/songwriter and performer. His classical guitar education from Florida State University is revealed in his intricate playing style as well as his writing. Drew's original compositions speak of life with a taste of the blues and the drive of American rock and roll. His energetic playing style and unique vocals combine to present an outstanding and brilliant performance. Each song is delivered in such a manner that demands attention and truly reflects Drew's passion for his music and desire to please his audience.

“I asked for my first guitar when I was eight years old,” he says. “I remember saying to my mom that I wanted a real guitar, that I didn’t want a plastic guitar.”

It was a chance encounter with a 12-string beauty that let a young Tillman know the instrument had a hold over him. “We went over to somebody’s house and there was a teenager, and he had a guitar. I asked if I could touch the guitar. The kid put it in my hands, and I would not put the guitar down.”

Tillman equates that same dreamlike feeling with songwriting. “It’s a mystery to me. I’ve learned so many things about songwriting and technique. Some people say that there is a science to it, and I believe that. But I also believe that you can learn everything about songwriting— you can be the most prolific, perfectly punctuated, your idioms fall in a row—and yet there is something missing. I guess it’s inspiration. It’s a moment where everything freezes, and you write in that moment.”

Above all, Tillman is proud to be a working songwriter and musician making a living through his craft. It is something that doesn’t come without hard work and conviction, or as Tillman puts it: “I’ve performed almost every night of my life.”

His credo is to “stay true to myself with songwriting and singing, then let the cards fall and I do all right.” Tillman appreciates areas like ours that welcome artists performing original songs, something he hopes to see more of in Tallahassee’s music scene in the coming months.

Tillman places bluesman Freddie King at the top of his list of musical influences. “There’s just no difference between what he’s playing on the guitar, what he sings, and what his heart is trying to say. It’s just all right there, in every note. I feel it. I has to come from your heart, otherwise people won’t believe it.”

January 2010 brought new opportunities for Drew as a professional singer/songwriter at the nationally recognized "30-A Songwriters Festival". He has continued to play this festival for the last five years.  A select number of unsigned artists were chosen by Sonicbids to perform their original music along signed industry giants. www.30asongwritersfestival.com

In 2009, Drew was invited to perform an all original show for three nights at the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival. He performed at venues located in Florida and Alabama alongside writers from across the nation. www.fbisf.org

In 2008, Drew was selected to perform on "Radio Live" an NPR affiliated show located in Pensacola, dedicated to up and coming singer/songwriters. www.wuwf.org

In 2007 Drew won the "Songwriters of the South" songwriting contest with his original song, "Everyday You're Gone".

Drew's rendition of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" was placed in a Showtime special based on the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Drew's work continues to receive recognition as an outstanding singer/songwriter. He has worked with such industry names as John Kurzweg (producer for the bands Creed, Jewel and Puddle of Mudd) as well as Michael Traylor, drummer for Capt. Beefheart and the Magic Band.

May 2010 - Drew was selected to perform on the Bluebird Cafe Stage at the first annual Country Throwdown in Jacksonville, FL sponsored by Rock Star EnergyDrinks and SonicBids. Montgomery Gentry, Keith Urban and other international artists performed on the main stage.

Drew also submitted his original song "A Woman Like You" in a nationwide songwriting competition sponsored by Universal Pictures and SonicBids. The winning song would be included in an upcoming major motion picture, "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World". Thousands of entries were submitted. Drew's song finished at #9 in the Top 100!! 

Drew is currently in the studio recording a new CD of original music due to be released in 2015.

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